About Us

Inclusify Workshop will help you and your organization grow by improving the culture of respect and trust between colleagues, fostering equality, diversity, and inclusion in the workplace. Throughout the workshop, you will discover ways to recognize your unconscious bias within yourself, others, and the organization and the best applicable strategies.
You will explore hiring, retention best practices; able to answer the question on how to implement EDI strategies , how to be a better ally, what it means to advocate for yourself. You will hear stories from management and community leaders sharing their unique experiences and their special insights on some of the issues that are easily missed in the mainsteam media.
Among the confirmed speakers we have for this year’s workshop are:
Hilda Fankah-Arthur, Chairman of Center for Intellectual Excellence
Liza Arnason, Founder and Chair of Board, Director of Education
Dennis Kennedy, Founder/Chairman at National Diversity Council
Nadira Barre, Director of Equity at NorQuest University