Alex Ihama

  • Panelist

My name is Alex Ihama and since 1999, I have gradually worked my way through many industries  and arms of the governments to become one of  Canada’s foremost speakers, coaches & consultants.

For two decades, I have being  helping Fortune 500 companies to achieve innovation leadership, strategic management, the transformation of culture and strengthening of competitive advantage through an inclusive diversity and workplace equity strategy, framework & roadmap.

In two decades of enabling corporate transformation, the costliest  mistakes I have seen are when organizations start implementing a series  of activities without first measuring the effort to sustain the initiative,  without developing a methodology to manage progress and measure  success. Many make the mistake of launching the program without a  long-term strategy and an effective accountability matrix and  regrettably apply generic training for all aspects of diversity.

We formed the Canadian Congress on Inclusive Diversity & Workplace  Equity to protect organizations from these mistakes and partner with  diversity leads to develop and implement a cost-effective an end-to end strategic solution with a 3-to-5 year strategy and roadmap.

As the Executive Director of the Canadian Congress on Inclusive  Diversity & Workplace Equity, I work with and through independent and  in-house experts, researchers, coaches, consultants and facilitators to  offer a variety of strategic services that organizations, institutions, and the  government require to foster staff engagement, innovation leadership, a  cohesive culture, an inclusive & equitable workplace, as well as to  strengthen brand equity and increase profitable growth.