Dr. Charles Odame-Ankrah

  • Panelist
  • https://gcacalgary.ca/

Dr. Charles Odame-Ankrah is an air quality research chemist by profession and has inventions to his credit. In addition, Dr. Odame-Ankrah is a community leader and a motivational speaker focusing on “words to action”. He partnered with researchers at the University of Lethbridge to study issues affecting new immigrants, with a focus on men’s mental health and inclusion in Canada.

As a proven community leader and an advocate for mental health in minority communities in Calgary, Dr. Odame-Ankrah is passionate about sharing his experience as well as his commitment for more inclusion and empowerment of immigrants in Canada. He serves on many non-profit boards and he is the current President of the Ghanaian-Canadian Association of Calgary. He serves as a board member of the Alberta Anti-Racism Advisory Council as well. It is his dream to see Africans in Canada work together more collaboratively to ensure that their collective needs are met.