Jessica Borland

  • Panelist

Jessica has 6 years of experience in employment relations and recruitment with four years of that working in EDI&A and community relations. Specifically, she spent over two years working with community organizations focused on newcomers, immigrants, refugees and indigenous employment supports. Jessica worked to connect these individuals with employment opportunities, while also educating recruiters and hiring managers on cultural competency, and diversity hiring. 

Jessica also co-chairs the REDI Committee, an employee led D&I committee formed to ensure initiatives put forward for the organization were by the people, for the people. As well Jessica leads the Indigenous BRG, which works to remove barriers from the employment process that specifically affect Indigenous communities across the country. 

In her role as Manager of Equity, Diversity, Inclusion and Accessibility, Jessica assists organizations with the development and implementation of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Accessibility strategies. 

Outside of work Jessica has worked closely with Indigenous communities as well as community organizations that assist neurodiverse individuals. Jessica started her volunteer journey almost 20 years ago working with children with Autism, and has continued this work throughout her life, and now volunteers primarily with those suffering from substance abuse disabilities.