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Shalini is the Chief Equity Diversity Inclusion Strategist at Inclusiv, and a seasoned activist and leading expert in antiracism and anti-oppression work. Shalini was born the child of immigrants, and herself became an immigrant twice in her lifetime. She is an out-queer leader, proudly disabled and a nurturer of young people. Shalini firmly believes in entrepreneurship as a powerful tool for driving social change. With a background in academia, she conducted extensive research in the intersection of gender and racism, and currently teaches Gender Studies at MacEwan University.

Shalini is also a published author and a sought-after keynote speaker at conferences. Beyond her professional endeavors, she is active in grassroots community endeavours, often wearing multiple hats. She chairs the City of Edmonton’s Anti-Racism Advisory Committee, playing a pivotal role in shaping the city’s groundbreaking antiracism strategy. Additionally, she Chairs the Board of the Pride Centre of Edmonton, advocating for an antiracist perspective within this prominent 2STLGBQIA+ organization. Shalini is dedicated to providing consulting and coaching services to leaders and entrepreneurs who care about climate and social justice.